May 29, 2023

How To Withdraw Your Cash Safely: Cardless Facility

Cash was first, followed by credit cards. There is now a form of online banking that isn’t connected to any of these services. To help you stay up with the ever-changing technology, all the information you need to know about cardless payments via online banking is for your convenience. 

What Is A Cardless Payment Method?

You don’t need a credit or debit card to complete a transaction or withdraw cash from an ATM. To take advantage of internet banking, you’ll need to speak with a representative at your financial institution.

Become a member of your bank’s online banking service. Some banks need you to go to the branch and fill out an application form before you may use the service. The user ID and PIN are generated online by some banks, so you don’t need to visit the bank to withdraw your cash. 

If your bank permits it, you can contact customer service and ask them to activate your net banking account.

How To Use Net Banking Payment Option?

A user ID and password are required to access an online account. Once you have this, you will no longer need a debit card to make purchases. Keep in mind that online banking consumes the money in your Savings Account funds when you use the service. 

1. Online Shopping

It’s never been easier to do your shopping online. To pay for online purchases using net banking, you can do it as follows:

Checkout is available once you’ve placed items in your cart.

To make a payment, select online banking as your option of payment. The bank where you keep your savings account is an important decision to make. Upon logging into your account, you’ll be able to see both your current balance and the amount owed to the merchant. Your Savings Account will be debited and the merchant will be credited once you approve the transaction.

2. Buying Goods From Merchants

What do you do if you forget your wallet when shopping? We don’t have to leave our items behind and return home empty-handed anymore. There are a wide variety of payment applications available on the internet nowadays. If the business allows it, you may use the app from your bank to make the payment. These allow you to make a purchase by debiting your bank account directly.

3. Sending Cash To Another Person

You may also transfer money to another person using online banking. Either using a mobile app or net banking, you’ll need to access your online account.

Net banking is one of the most beneficial options and it makes people’s lives much easier! Safe and secure banking may be done through the internet as well as it helps to keep your information safe at all time. Carrying cash or credit cards is no longer an issue. You may transact from any location at any time as long as you remember your user ID and password.

4. Cardless and Pinless Access To An ATM

Cardless transactions are now possible because of the introduction of Aadhaar-based verification at its ATMs. Traditionally, ATM card security relied on a card and a PIN for two-way verification, but DCB has now made this procedure cardless and more convenient.

However, this capability will only be available to DCB bank customers, and everyone else will have to rely on the outdated card and PIN number system. This is a fantastic and creative initiative by the bank, and it is believed that other banks will soon follow suit. With this change, you’ll no longer need to carry along an ATM card or PIN code.

5. Safe And Convenient

Global financial systems employ biometrics widely because of their ease and security. For this reason, biometric authentication has been implemented by Indian banks to improve customer service. Account hacking and card theft fraud will come to an end with this new system.

6. e-KYC (Know Your Client)

With its focus on the digital sector following India’s digital agenda, the bank has been working on e-KYC within its system for some time and continues to innovate in many areas as well. In order to improve KYC, the bank has recently implemented e-KYC, which collects and stores customer information online.


The evolution of digital currency seems to indicate that India is entering a new stage in the digitalization of the country. Lots of technology has grown in our day-to-day life, cardless and Pinless ATM facility is one of the big advantages of transferring money from one person to another.